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Lifelong Learning

We believe in the power of lifelong learning.

One of our core theological beliefs as Unitarian Universalists is a commitment to personal spiritual growth, or as Unitarian Universalist Theologian James Luther Adams put it, “revelation is continuous.” Our religious beliefs are always evolving based off our experiences and introduction to new ideas, and we at the First UU Church of West Volusia are committed to helping you identify, explore, and deepen your spiritual beliefs, no matter your age or stage of life. 

Religious Education and Faith Development are continual processes that also happen beyond Sunday mornings. Religious Education happens on the playground on the swing set, at home while serving dinner, as we lay awake at night pondering life’s big questions. We are committed to supporting you in your religious education journey both inside our walls and beyond. We are committed to helping families build their faith at home. We are committed to you.

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