First Unitarian Universalist Church
of West Volusia

Due to COVID-19 concerns, all future Sunday Services will be conducted in Zoom. In person services and meetings are suspended until the board deems it safe to return.

You can join us on Sundays two different ways:

1. By computer, tablet, or smartphone, using this link:

2. By telephone: Call either of these numbers and enter the Meeting ID 927188 9188 when prompted. 
   +1 301 715 8592  or   +1 253 215 8782

"The times, they are a changing"

The UU Deland web site is currently being revised. Content and links will be changing.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Visitors are always welcome and child care is provided.

Future Services


Each Sunday and throughout the year, we share insights and explore what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist.

Themes include exploring our principles, developing a caring community, discovering spirituality with a strong emphasis on social activism.

You will find us a welcoming and accepting religious community that fosters your spiritual growth and provides support in your search for truth and meaning.

Oct. 3rd, 2021: "WHAT ARE YOU TAKING ON YOUR JOURNEY?" - As we journey in life, we often pick up souvenirs from various times and places. Some we look at and use regularly, but others are just weighing us down. U.U. Minister, Rev. Tracie Barrett encourages us to look at what we are still carrying around and whether it still serves us on our journey. To contact Rev. Barrett:

Oct. 10th, 2021: “WHY ARE PEOPLE AWAITING AN ANTICHRIST AND WHO COULD IT BE?”- Bill Lazarus returns to give us a historical perspective, thoughts, and insight on the topic.  Bill is an educator, historian, and author of many books. He covers a variety of topics such as Where Christmas Carols come from, a fiction series called “Adventures in Bonding” and his latest book “Messiah”, The history of the messiah concept.

Oct. 17, 2021: "AS DELAND GROWS, WHERE IS THE LOVE?"  In the face of climate change (and now COVID), community cohesion becomes increasingly important, and yet we need spaces and places that nurture cohesion rather than inhibit it.  What does that look like? How do we make that happen? In the face of the current rapid growth and development going on as property owners sell their land piecemeal to developers who just want to convert it for maximum profits, can we pull back the reins long enough to gather as a community to affirm again what we value about each other and about the places on which we all depend? Is it time again to orchestrate a larger, comprehensive vision for the city? Program presented by Dr. Wendy Anderson, Professor of Environmental Science and Studies at Stetson University.  Last year, she was elected to serve on the Volusia Soil and Water Conservation District Board, which she now chairs.

Oct. 24th, 2021: “SACRED SONGS, CHANTING UP THE GODS.” An exploration of how different cultures have used chant and singing to create communion with the divine. It features recorded samples of Gregorian chant, Kenyan witchcraft ritual chant, Sufi vocalists, Native American powwow singing and more. Program presented by Rick DeYampert, writer, musician, artist and former entertainment writer for the Daytona Beach News Journal.

Past Services

September 5th “Who Tells Your Story?”  Rev. Tracie Barrett

Sept. 12th, 2021: The Springs and Water Quality

Sept. 19th, 2021: Sustainable Building.  

Sept. 26th, 2021: Saving the Environment-Activists in Action

Oct. 31st, 2021: “RELIGHT YOUR HEARTH FIRE: REMEMBRANCE, HARVEST, AND A NEW YEAR.” All Souls or Halloween, Samhain or Day of the Dead- No matter the name, autumn festivals steer us into winter.  During this service we will explore the common themes of this season's celebrations. Program presented by Cheryl Orr, church music director and Suzanne, director of religious education.